Services We Provide

We also offer a range of paid services that will enhance the functionality of your QR codes. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Rating page

Create a QR code that takes your customers directly to a rating page where they can rate your products or services. This will help you gather feedback from your customers and improve your business.

Menu page

If you own a restaurant, you can create a QR code that will take your customers to your menu page. They can browse your menu and place their orders directly from their smartphones, making it easier for them to order and reducing the workload of your staff.

Chat and voice call

Create a QR code that enables your customers to start a chat or voice call with you directly from their smartphones. This is an excellent way to provide customer support and build relationships with your customers.

Custom branding

We also offer custom branding services where you can add your company logo or colors to your QR codes. This will make your QR codes stand out and create a professional image for your brand.

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