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No more boring spoon airplanes. No more annoying fork choo-choo trains. And no more agonizing “one for mommy – one for daddy” games.

The New Funtoss Hoop

A Unique Detachable FDA approved silicon Basketball Hoop For Mugs, Bowls, and Cups, Which Makes Toddlers L.O.V.E. Mealtime.

Why Get A Funtoss Hoop?

  •   Make mealtime exciting for kids & parents
  •   Highly portable (insert dimensions)
  •   Bendable & safe silicon design
  •   Easy to clean after use
  •   Get kids interested in basketball
  •   Suitable for party games

What is the Funtoss Hoop?

Funtoss Hoop is a unique toy for kids designed to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner exciting for both kids and parents alike.

The detachable hoop grips tightly on cups, mugs, and bowls, which allows for many types of games, shootouts, and competitions.

The hoop is made of highly bendable, non-harmful rubber material, making it safe and long-lasting.

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Are you tired of temper tantrums every breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Are you fed up with bowls of cereal rolling on the food? Are you sick of having to clean up food that was spat out? Well, we’ve got something exciting for you!

Introducing Funtoss Hoop:

A one-of-a-kind detachable rubber basketball hoop that makes mealtime entertaining, exciting, and FUN!

Simply place the hoop on the rim of any mug, bowl, or cup and let the games begin…

  • Dunk a few marshmallows into your cereal? No problem.
  • Mid-range shot of ice chunks into that glass of orange juice? Easy.
  • Three-point lob of marshmallow into that hot cocoa? Only if you make it!

The portable design of the Funtoss Hoop allows you to take it anywhere with you.

Camping. Traveling. Visiting grandparents.

You name it.

Just pack it with your luggage and go.

The Funtoss Hoop’s proprietary grip allows for secure placement on any mug, cup, or bowl and the bendable material ensures it won’t get damaged after continuous play.

What’s more, the grip’s design allows for easy attachment and variable usage, making sure that your little baby can be entertained at any given situation.

Best of all?

The Funtoss Hoop makes for a great party game to play with other parents when the kids fall asleep!

We Care About The Environment
Just As Much As You Do.

That’s why the Funtoss Hoop is…

  • Produced without any harmful chemicals.
  • Manufactured in an eco-certified facility.
  • Made up of long-lasting, bendable material.

The Funtoss Hoop Makes Toddlers & Kids Love Mealtime!

But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what some of the parents who got the Funtoss Hoop have to say about it…

The Funtoss Hoop makes mealtime an exciting and engaging activity that kids and parents look forward to.

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Risk Reversal:

We fully believe in the quality and utility of our products. That’s why the Funtoss Hoop comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If, for any reason, you feel like your purchase does not meet your expectations, simply send us an email and we’ll arrange your return.

No. Questions. Asked.

Warning: Limited Supplies!

Due to constraints caused by supply-chain issues, The Funtoss Hoop is produced in limited quantities.

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