What we can offer to make you feel safe and secure all the time.

From the first minute...

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With full service

Traveling abroad? Accommodation? BSN number? Bank account? Insurance? We know the answers to all of these questions and we can help you with all of them, because we know how to get you started on this bumpy road.

Exactly what we discussed

We don't miss a beat. We keep our promises. Whether you need help now or later, we're there for you. Our number has been the same for a number of years...

And maybe a little bit more

On a mother tongue level...

Our company is not only staffed by Dutch speakers, but also by people born and raised here, so we know exactly how everything works, from school to retirement.

If you are planning for the long term...

Language teacher? Of course we know you. Accountant? You can discuss your questions with them in English. But if you have a legal problem, we have a solution. Maybe even if your car breaks down.

And all this is insured

Our company is covered by a 5.000.000€ liability insurance, so we can guarantee even more quality assistance.

Do you have a question or want to apply?


24/7 - If we dont accept we call you back


24/7 - If we dont accept we call you back

BTW Nr: NL866956492C02
6365 CR (Hollandia)